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Mcqs is commonly abbreviated as multiple choice questions and today it’s most important part of education. Education system is going advanced day by day and we have to understand this, mcqs is the best way to conduct tests because its concept based. Teaches can easily check students ability and knowledge just in few minutes with mcqs questions. So in this website you will find each and every thing about English mcqs.

English Grammar Mcqs is a website to start preparation of all types of English mcqs questions and you will find their answers with explanation. We are always here to help you in your competitive exams, school and college university tests. All multiple choice questions (mcqs questions) are here and you can easily prepare by yourself simply just click on the option and you will get the right option exactly under each question. You don’t need any teacher or any further assistance or any help because you will get detailed answers and complete articles for preparations.

Self Study Test for English Mcqs

English Mcqs preparation for Tests and Exams

English Mcqs website content is very easy for students to understand that how they can easily pass their exams in first attempt. These mcqs will help in following tests.

  • Verbal Reasoning English Mcqs Test: All Written Information mcqs are in this section.

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning English Mcqs Test: Visual reasoning questions, Information and solve problems.

  • ISSB Mcqs Test: Mcqs Tests in ISSB preparation for better results.

  • NTs English Mcqs: National Testing Service is for university admisson or college entry test.

  • Ecat Mcqs Test: Engineering College Admission Test is for EU/BU etc engineering admissons.

  • Mcat Mcqs Test: Medical College Admission Test is mcqs based exam in medical colleges for admissons.

  • Fpsc Mcqs Test: Federal Public Service Commission is mcqs based test for job.

  • Kppsc Mcqs Test: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission is test for job in KP.

  • Ppsc Mcqs Test: Punjab Public Service Commission is mcqs test for job.

  • Ilets English mcqs test: International English Language Testing System, its language test.

  • Fia Mcqs Test: Federal Investigation Agency test for goverment jobs, its also mcqs test.

  • Lat Mcqs Test: HEC Announcements HEC LAW Admission Test (LAT) for admisson in law colleges.

  • Gat English Mcqs Test: Graduate Assessment Test, its mcqs exam after completing law studies.

Using students can easily check their prepration level and then can improve where they are weak and that’s the good point of this website especially in English case.

Nowadays books, coaching classes, and tutor are too expensive and it’s out of budget for average and poor students so this website is just a gift for them to understand English mcq questions with answers.

English mcqs website is user-Fridley and fast website you just need an average internet and we are also here all the time for your assistance. If you find any error or confusion or you want o ask more expiation just comment below and your problem will be solved with in short time.

English Mcqs preparation Class Based

You can prepare all English vocabularymcqs question for all classes mentioned below, all mcqs question are updated. We also check continually and updates all previous and new mcqs on daily, weekly and monthly basis, you will not get any error in this site if still you find some confusion in English mcq question simply text us by email or write us a comment below.

  • English Mcqs for class 10 with answers

  • English Mcqs for 9 class with answers

  • English Mcqs for 8 class

  • English Mcqs for class 7

  • English Mcqs for class 6

  • English Mcqs for class 5

  • English Mcqs class 4

  • English Mcqs class 3

  • English Mcqs for class 2

  • English Mcq for class 1

  • English Mcqs for A-Level

  • English Mcqs for O-Level

English mcqs Preparation according to Topics

You can practice english mcqs question for specific topic, all mcq questions are well maintained and understandable with examples, all topics are well explained so first prepare and then practice for mcqs test e.g. if you want to prepare noun mcqs then first read noun comple te article then click on the button, Noun mcqs test for advanced level practice.

Parts of Speech Mcqs questions Preparation

Parts of speech is main topic in English mcqs exams and you will find mostly question related to this below we mentioned every sub topic for your ease.

  • Parts of Speech Mcqs: Below in this list is part of parts pf speech.

  • Noun mcq questions: A noun is a word that represents a person, thing, concept, or place.

  • Pronoun mcqs: Pronouns are words like "I," "she," and "they" that are used in a similar way to nouns.

  • Verb mcqs: A verb is a word that indicates a physical action, mentol or state of being.

  • Adverb mcqs" An adverb is a word that modifies (add meaning) a verb.

  • Adjective mcqs: An adjective is a word that tells us more (add quality) about a noun.

  • Preposition mcqs: A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, time, place, relashionship etc.

  • Conjunction mcqs: A conjunction is a word used to connect words, phrases and clauses.

  • Interjection mcqs: An interjection is a word or phrase used to express a feeling or to request or demand something.

Tenses Mcq questions Preparation

There are three main tenses but they all have further explanation and must have a good grip if you want to give english grammar mcqs test. You have to practice hard mentioned below.

  • Present tense: Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense, Present Perfect Continuous Tense mcqs.

  • Past tense: Simple Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Continuous Tense mcqs.

  • Future tense: Simple Future Tense, Future Continuous Tense, Future Perfect Tense, Future Perfect Continuous Tense mcqs.

Other English Topics Mcqs Practice

All other topics are that are not discussed above are mentioned below because all topics of English have their own place and you have to practice every topic for betters marks in tests and exams.

  • Sentences mcqs: it includes subject and predicate questions.

  • Article mcqs: An article is a word that is used to indicate that a noun is a noun without describing it.

  • English Tenses mcq questions: Icludes past, pressent, future tense questions.

  • Direct Indirect Mcqs: Includes Both direct and indirect questions.

  • Active and Passive voice mcqs: Both active and passive questions.

  • Punctuation mcqs: punctuation marks are a symbol to create and support meaning within a sentence or to break it up.

  • Idioms and phrases mcqs: This section covers almost all mcqs related to idioms.

  • Gerund mcqs questions: its a verb form which functions as a noun, questions with answers.

  • Substitution mcqs: Substitution in English grammar is when a word, phrase, or clause in a sentence is replaced by a different word or phrase.

  • Correct Spelling mcqs preparation: This section help to enhance vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary mcqs test: Spelling, corrent sentence etc type questions.

  • Synonyms mcqs questions with answers: Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same, meaning as another word.

  • Anonyms mcq questions with answers: Antonyms are words with opposite meanings.

Most Searched Mcq questions Preparation

There are lot of english books form 1st standard to masters level but in this list you will find only that are mostly searched on internet by users. Visitors like these type English mcqs practice you may have to check these to complete to English mcqs preparation.

  • Nelson Mandela class 10 mcq with answers

  • A letter to god mcq

  • My mother at sixty six mcq

  • The last lesson mcq

  • Dust of snow mcq

  • A triumph of surgery mcq

  • Two stories about flying mcq

  • The sound of music class 9 mcq

  • A tiger in the zoo mcq

  • Fire and ice class 10 mcq

  • The thief story mcq

  • Footprints without feet class 10 mcq

  • Triumph of surgery mcq

  • The road not taken class 9 mcq

  • Tiger in the zoo mcq

  • S photograph class 11 mcq questions

  • English mcq class 10

  • Modals class 10 mcq

  • The enemy class 12 mcq

  • Deep water class 12 mcq

  • Packing class 9 mcq

  • Sound of music class 9 mcq

  • The truly beautiful mind mcq

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